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Pax Dei is currently in Early Access. The game is still heavily in development, and we plan to expand both in terms of content and systems.

Here is a snapshot of what’s already there for our Founders to enjoy.

ExploreA vast world

We've recently doubled the size of the world, now offering five Provinces covering nearly 300km² (116 mi²). There are over twenty valleys to choose the perfect spot to inhabit.

Harvest & craftaway

Everything in the game is made by players. Travel across several biomes, harvest dozens of resources, and unlock hundreds of recipes already available!

BuildYour home

Place your plot and claim a corner of the world to yourself. With dozens of building pieces to work with, the only limit to creating the home of your dreams is your imagination… and our structural integrity system.

UnitedWe stand

Form a Clan to pool resources, combine plots, and build an entire village - or a massive fortress! You’ll need friends and allies to storm dungeons or clash with other Clans.

Craftyour own role

With hundreds of items and consumables for mixing and matching and more than twenty skills to master, you will have no lack of choices in deciding your own play style.

It is dangerousto go alone

Mysterious ruins and hidden dungeons filled with treasures await… guarded by merciless foes. Don’t wander away from home without a party and the proper equipment.

Welcometo Fight Club

The divine peace - Pax Dei - doesn’t extend to Lyonesse, our new province. Enter here at your own peril if you’re willing to try out our first iteration on PVP. Here, death carries consequences.

More to come

Our team is hard at work fixing, polishing, and expanding the game. The next major update will focus on the social fabric and the economy.

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