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Let’s talk! AMA on Discord

If you’re reading this, you’re probably curious to learn a little more about Pax Dei. (Okay, maybe a lot more.)

Sure, you already know Pax Dei is a social sandbox MMO. But how exactly will that play out? How will the economy be handled? Will there be politics among players? How deep are the crafting and building gameplay elements? How many playable races are there? How many classes are available? (Spoiler alert: It’s one and zero.) Will there be PvP? What does “fully player-driven” mean? And what does “Pax Dei” mean? How do you even pronounce it? (It’s Pax Day-ee.)

In short, you have questions. Well, we have (some) answers. So let’s talk! Head over to our Discord, take a look around, and stay tuned for our first AMA.

Based on the questions we receive for, and during, our AMA, we’ll create an FAQ that we’ll post here. The FAQ will be continuously updated and expanded to give you a thorough understanding of what to expect when Pax Dei is finally released.

So join our community on Discord now—and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to keep up with the latest news and updates.