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Adversaries, Part 2 - Harvest of Sorrows

Harvest of Sorrows
Gaeune, Grand Inquisitor, the burning edge of God's wrath, servant of Papess Gloria II, Ad futuram rei memoriam.
In pursuing the will of Papess Gloria II with great ardor as pastoral solicitude requires, the Congregation for Extinguishing Heresy has examined the nature and recent rise of the Sethian heretical depravity within the kingdom of Anatolia and their role in the diabolical events leading to the disgraceful and cowardly murder of our ninth redeemer, Loios.
Through this pious desire, we have strived by our toil to root out any and all errors we have come across among these lost souls and employing the hoe of a wise laborer, zeal, and devotion our faith gives us to wrestle back the scorched hearts that have been lost to this abomination.
Through these examinations and not without great pain to ourselves, the egregious facts about the existence of this order have come to our ears. All across Anatolia, its provinces, cities, territories, regions, and dioceses, many persons of all sexes, heedless of their own salvation and forsaking the Pax Dei, give themselves over to incantations, charms, and conjuring, and other abominable superstitions and sortilèges, offenses, crimes, and misdeeds, ruin and cause to perish the offspring of women, the foal of animals, the products of the earth, the grapes of vines, and the fruits of trees, cattle, and flocks and herds and animals of every kind, vineyards also and orchards, meadows, pastures, harvests, grains and other fruits of the earth; that they afflict and torture with dire pains and anguish.
I do therefore desire, as is my duty, to remove all impediments by which in any way my inquisitors are hindered in the exercise of their office, enabling them by any means necessary to prevent the taint of heretical pravity and of other like evils from spreading their infection to the ruin of others who are innocent, the zeal of religion especially impelling us, in order that the provinces, cities, dioceses, territories, and places aforesaid in the said parts of Anatolia may not be deprived of the office of inquisition which is their due.
To that end, I seek a decree from the hand of the Holy See and by virtue of her apostolic authority, that it shall be permitted to the said inquisitors in these regions, that they exercise their office of inquisition without prejudice and may proceed to the correction, imprisonment, and punishment of the aforesaid persons for their said offenses and crimes.

---- Gaeune´s report to the Holy See in the spring of 3899 AC, one year after Loios the ninth redeemer perished at the hands of the princes of Anatolia and at the beginning of the great downfall.

Chloë, magister doloris, keen servant of the holy Inquisition and humble spiritual disciple of Armozel , Ad futuram rei memoriam.
As instructed and with the eagerness fitting our purpose, I wish to report our findings after having harvested the depraved minds of the Sethian heretics whose fate was laid in our hands and lives of whom we carefully and aptly ended with the most proper pastoral care. The original filthy dogma of the Sethian heresy and the idea that educates all they postulate and do, is the belief that God is purely spiritual and that His kingdom belongs strictly to the spiritual realm, while the temporal world and everything within it was supposedly created by the Devil, whom they call Rex Mundi, in order to lure souls from heaven.
Therefore they view everything that has to do with this world as impure, having no worth whatsoever, including their earthly lives and bodies. Sethians believe they are repeatedly reincarnated on Earth until they attain what in their perverted mind equals spiritual perfection, allowing them to die for the last time and escape this Creation, which they view as a cacophony of Evil.
Furthermore, they believe that in the Kingdom of Heaven, all souls are the same, no males, no females, indeed no bodies or visual form at all. The division of humans into sexes is a creation of the Devil and carnal love is the ultimate trap laid to corrupt the spirit and keep it perpetually in his grip. In their eyes, removing any signs of the sexual division and indeed disrespecting their own body in the most deprived and loathsome way is viewed among Sethians as an effort to get closer to God.
Henceforth, in summarizing their corrupt and perverted beliefs, the following can be stated:
  • i. Everything of this world is unclean and a creation of the Devil.
  • ii. Nothing is worth enjoying.
  • iii. Nothing is worth saving.
  • iv. This earthly existence means nothing and has no value.
  • v. The less one conforms to life on earth, the closer one is to God.
  • vi. Sacrificing one's life brings a Sethian soul one step closer to being allowed back into Heaven.
  • vii. Self-mutilation and the enduring of pain is an expression of the hatred for Rex Mundi and his creation and thereby a form of divine worship.
This disregard for God's creation, resulting in rampaging bands of aforesaid heretics crisscrossing the lands, laying murderous waste to everything in their path, must be stopped by any means possible.
It is therefore of utmost importance that the Order in conducting God´s work, not be molested by worldly powers or hindered in any manner whatsoever by any authority whatsoever in the manner of the aforesaid and through our Papal decree, that we may threaten all opposers, whomever they may be, with ex-communication, suspension, interdict and still other more terrible sentences, censures, and penalties.

---- Inquisitor Chloë´s letter to Grand Inquisitor Gaeune, the day before the Mass of Great Summons 3901 AC, urging him to light the fires under the Sethian heretics for real.