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Introducing Pax Dei Early Access: join the journey today!

Hello Paxians!

We’ve said it before: Pax Dei will only exist with the support of its players. From the game's reveal to the formation of our early group of supporters on Discord or the two public Alpha tests we ran in the past few months, Pax Dei’s story has been one of community. Today, we’re inviting you to embark with us on the next step of the journey.

Pax Dei will enter Early Access on June 18th. The game is still in Alpha, heavily in development, and not yet feature-complete (as we write this, our teams are furiously making fixes and improvements based on the feedback of the recent public test). We also reached the point where we need to see it live to keep developing it. 

Help us build the virtual world you can inhabit for years to come. Your feedback during Early Access will be invaluable in shaping the final game. We’ll also reinvest the revenue from Early Access into making the game better and bigger. Your support doesn't just keep the lights on; it fuels our passion to create a vibrant, warm, and living world.

Ready to embark? Pax Dei Early Access is available for pre-purchase starting today on and will be playable on PC, via Steam or the game’s dedicated launcher. Check the Early Access page for all the info about our Founder’s Packs and a detailed FAQ.

My beautiful village

We will be back in the coming days with more details about the game's state, our roadmap for Early Access, and some early thoughts about what the first big update will focus on. 

And before that, head’s up! We are planning an event in partnership with some of our favorite content creators. It’s coming before too long very (very!) soon. Stay tuned!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all the support. We can't wait to see you in-game!

Pax vobiscum. - The Mainframe Team