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Pax Dei

Adversaries, Part 1 - The Tower

The tower beckons and at midnight I join with eternity. My watch will be relieved for the last time and my Master will reignite the insatiable gnawing desire that kindles my mortal body.
A promise is fulfilled.
Ere I was called. My visitation gifted me the call of hunger, the delightful emptiness which never fills, a thirst that is never quenched, an appetite that saw an end to my neighbors and my family. My children. Ended the story of Forest Green and its people, everyone I ever knew; Those who knew me as their brother. And gluttony never rests. Before I found my place here, I found many farms and villages where today no one remains to remember.
It is bliss.
As these last hours of my earthly unfulfillment pass, I close my eyes and look around the Mire. Soothing and delicious sounds of devouring, of gnawing, of gnashing and grunts from men and women engorging themselves to their withering soul's desire. My nostrils are filled with a noxious scent of rotting meat, putrid greens, mould and damp.
It is Elysian.
The tower. It flickers. The wriggling bugs and beetles slithering all over my skin, glow with new excitement. The deep, soft, wet and snappy sounds of drudges' bodies being slowly pulled apart can be discerned through the cacophony of sweet and soothing screams. The tower is alight. Duke Lamalon walks this earth once more.
It is time.

- Gatekeeper Montel ~ The night before the Night Eternal
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