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Frequently Asked Questions

Alpha sign-up

When is the Alpha 2 starting?

We’re still a few weeks away from a new large-scale Alpha test. Rest assured that when we’re ready to announce it, we’ll publish official communication with all details.

We are running regular small playtests under NDA with our friends and family to test parts of the game we intend to have available for larger-scale testing. We’re sorry we can't add you to these playtests, but they will primarily be used to test specific features and setups in preparation for the Alpha which we can invite you to.

How many players will you invite to the Alpha 2?

As much as we would like to invite everyone who expressed an interest in Pax Dei, the truth is that, right now, we don’t have a precise number in mind. We’ll likely grant access to the playtest in waves, depending on what we want to be tested and how stable our servers are. We invited almost 13k players for the first Alpha. We plan to invite many more during Alpha 2.

How do I know if I've properly signed up for the Alpha, and how will I know that I’m invited?

You'll know you’ve correctly set up your account for the Alpha as long as you have a green tick showing on the dashboard of your account management page. Your dashboard should look like the screenshot below.

AM - Alpha access

As for being invited to the Alpha: we’ll contact you on the email associated with your Pax Dei account. More details on this once we announce the Alpha!

What is the purpose of the token field included in the account management?

We added a token field to the Alpha sign-up to allow groups of friends and clanmates to play together.

The token can be a word or a combination of words. The most important part is not what it means but that you and your friends use the same token. The system will flag everybody with the same token as a group, and we will do our best to invite the entire group simultaneously. We can’t guarantee it, though. Depending on different factors, we could end up inviting only part of the group.

Also, be aware that we only use the token to grant access to the Alpha. It won’t force anyone to log in to a specific server or jump into the world in a particular region. You’ll still need to sync up with your friends for these parts.

In a nutshell: increase your chance to play with your friends by using the same token!

Will you support more languages in the Alpha?

The Alpha playtests will all be in English for now. We plan to support more languages (starting with German and French) by the time we release the game based on the response we get.