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Frequently Asked Questions


Will PvP be strictly opt-in?

We want to make PvP feel more dynamic and more about social structures, roles, and positions of power in player-formed communities instead of just a static PvP toggle or zone restrictions. We don't want PvP to feel like a separate mode and create a gap between PvE and PvP players. PvP should be an integral part of the world and economy. We plan to offer players interesting and meaningful ways to opt in and dip their toes in PvP.

The goal is to marry PvE and PvP together by offering opportunities for both to bring value to the other party - be it facing the dangers of PvP or creating the best gear for PvP players.

The Heartlands will be restricted from PvP fights. Outside the Heartlands, players will have various options to choose if and how they want to experience PvP and how much they're willing to risk in doing so.

Will players lose all their items in PvP? Will PvP be 'full loot'?

There will be value loss in PvP, and players will be able to decide how much they’re willing to risk for greater rewards. However, we’re not ready to share full details on PvP loot at this point.

Will Pax Dei use any kind of fast travel system?

The game will feature different ways to get around, but as with many other parts of Pax Dei, there will be limitations and trade-offs when using them. The goal is not to trivialize travel and the logistics involved but to offer a way to play most content and join your friends within a reasonable amount of time.

No NPCs, really?

You won't find any of the traditional MMO NPC cities, NPC quest-givers, or NPC vendors in the world, but you will find a wide selection of creatures and AI enemies in PvE. Players will inhabit the lands, build the towns, handle trading, crafting, etc.

Also, "no quest givers" does not mean no quest-like content. The world will be filled with lore and mysteries that require exploration, deduction, and collaboration.

Mysteries and clues will be found by examining the world, finding notes, and researching discarded books or artifacts. You will unlock recipes or clues that lead you towards dungeons or hidden treasure and let you access content and rare rewards that would otherwise be hidden or inaccessible to you.

How many races? Can we play an elf or an angel?

As a player, you will only be able to play a human avatar that you will be able to customize with various traits to make it unique and your own. This is part of our “low fantasy” or “medieval fantasy” approach.

Regarding the creatures that you will find in the world of Pax Dei - friendly or less friendly ones - we want to take some time to introduce them, and to be fully honest, we want to keep some stuff secret. At the very least, we can say that some of them will be humanoid, but others… not quite.

What class can I play? How will leveling work? Is it possible for one character to be able to do everything? Will skill points be limited?

There won’t be classes in the way you think about it: you won’t choose one in the character creation and stick to it forever. That being said, no classes does not mean no roles. There will be roles, but we are not ready to share the full details yet. We can share one crucial element related to combat, though: yes, the holy trinity Tank, Heal (Support), DPS will play a part in Pax Dei.

When it comes to leveling, we don’t have a global character level, but we have skills, and these skills have a leveling system. We will give more info about the roles, the skills, and how they interact (or not) at a later point (before too long™).