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Frequently Asked Questions

Early Access

Why Early Access?

Our game requires a community to come alive. We’ve reached the stage where we need a live game to keep developing. The feedback we’ll receive from our Founders will help shape what the game will look like at launch.

We’ll also reinvest the revenue from Early Access into making the game better and bigger, fulfilling our vision of a living and breathing world that can be your virtual home for years.

In every way, Pax Dei will only exist with the support of its players.

What is the current state of the game?

Pax Dei is still heavily in development and not yet feature-complete. We expect all aspects of the game will require balancing and polish.

Throughout Early Access, we plan to expand the game in terms of content and systems. Check our website and Discord for the latest updates on our progress.

How long will the game remain in Early Access?

Pax Dei’s Early Access is scheduled to last until at least June 2025, possibly longer.

What do you mean by wiping the game? How often will that happen?

Throughout Early Access, as we expand the game both in terms of content and systems, we anticipate major updates that will require us to reset the game entirely and start over.

That being said, we will do our best to keep such wipes as few and far between as possible.

Ideally, we will also try to do them only partially: major changes on the terrain of the Home Valleys could lead to a reset of all the plots, but not to your characters. Some deep changes in the skill systems or the crafting progression could lead to a reset of the characters but not the plots…

At least one complete wipe/reset will occur just before the full release, and it should be the last one, as we don’t plan to wipe once the game is no longer in Early Access - once it is fully released.

Will players coming from different platforms be able to play together?

Yes. Players using Steam or the Pax Dei launcher have access to a common list of shards.

What languages are available?

The game is currently only available in English. We plan to add more languages during Early Access, starting with German and French.