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Pax Dei

Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the business model for the game: subscription, micro-transactions, or another model?

We’re still working on the business model for the game and are not yet able to share the specifics. That said, a core pillar of Pax Dei is its player-driven economy, and ensuring it will run smoothly drives how we think and will make decisions about the business model. We’ll share details when we are ready to do so.

How much will Pax Dei cost?

Monetization is very important to live service titles, and we want to ensure we get this right. At this time, we’re not ready to discuss this.

Will there be NFTs/Blockchain technology in the game?

We’re building Pax Dei with Steam (which does not support NFTs/Blockchain) as the primary target platform. NFTs or Blockchains are not part of our plans for Pax Dei.