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Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the business model for the game: subscription, micro-transactions, or another model?

You can read our blog dedicated to Monetization to have insights about our current thoughts around the topic. And below, some clarifications about some of the hot topics.

As mentioned in the blog, those are our early thoughts - choices are not locked yet. Unfortunately, we realize we won’t be able to please everyone, as we all have different expectations when it comes to gaming experience.

We’re still away from the full release of Pax Dei, and we want to use the time ahead to see how players engage with the game and hear from the community before we lock the model. Please wait for more details before forging yourself a strong opinion on our monetization model and systems.

Do you really plan for a Plex/Token?

The Plex/WoW Token is a dividing topic. It can brilliantly solve some issues, but we understand that some members of the community can voice concerns. With our combined experience on EVE and WoW, we have some strong insights about building such systems, and as you can guess, ‘breaking the game beyond repair’ is not part of our plans.

Our priority when designing that system will be to ensure it contributes to the player-driven economy and the game's long-term health. We’ll want to test, iterate, and get the community feedback to ensure it suits the majority of our players.

Can you give more details about the Plot decay and freeing up the land?

We can’t provide the exact time frame when it comes to plot decay and freeing up the land for other players - yet. We’re still away from the full release of Pax Dei, and we want to use the time ahead to see how players engage with the game and hear from the community before we lock the model.

We understand the constraints that are linked to losing your plot and we’re considering different options to handle it. To ensure the gameplay experience is optimal for everyone, we cannot leave plots unattended for long periods of time.

Note that your character would not be impacted, only your buildings and resources that are on your plot.

Also, we think the clan you’re part of should have priority over the land you’re freeing so they don’t lose a part of their village (and keep something in your loving memory), and as for our other systems, we’ll provide more details at a later point.

Adding Cosmetics in a shop is often a way to sell the best items or out-of-theme items for real money, will we see bunny costumes or cyberpunk outfit?

When it comes to cosmetics, here is an example of how we may implement to ensure that the in-game economy remains 100% player-driven: we would propose variation(s) of recipes that exist in-game, with the same prerequisites to be unlocked, with the same stats and similar components (or even the same).

We don’t plan to sell ‘out-of-theme’ items in a shop; the styles and themes will be the same as we want to keep the immersion intact. The shop won’t have high-fantasy elven female (non)armors for example, or a flying pegasus.

Also, our priority is still the development of the game and its features, cosmetics are an extra possibility, and will always be fully optional.

How much will Pax Dei cost?

Monetization is very important to live service titles, and we want to ensure we get this right. At this time, we’re not ready to discuss this.

Will there be NFTs/Blockchain technology in the game?

We’re building Pax Dei with Steam (which does not support NFTs/Blockchain) as the primary target platform. NFTs or Blockchains are not part of our plans for Pax Dei.