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Frequently Asked Questions


I purchased a Founder’s Pack, where do I start playing?

On the Pax Dei launcher: You need to install our launcher (you can always find the link on our Support site, in the article linked at the bottom. Launch it, and log in with the Pax Dei account you used to make your purchase. The game will be available at the start of Early Access.

On Steam: When Early Access starts, you will receive a Steam key on the email address you used for the purchase, including all the instructions to redeem your copy of the game. To activate it, click the “Games” menu option at the top of the Steam client, choose “Activate a Product on Steam,” and paste your key in the dedicated field. Pax Dei should be available to download in your library.

Learn more on our Support Site.

Is it possible to upgrade to a higher tier Founder’s Pack?

You will have the possibility to upgrade your Founder’s Pack to a higher tier as soon as Early Access begins, on the 18th of June.

On the Pax Dei launcher: If a player already owns a Founder’s Pack, their upgrade options will be available on

On Steam: If a player already owns a Founder’s Pack, their upgrade options will be available in the “DLC” section of Pax Dei’s library page.

Learn more on our Support site.

Can I purchase more than one Founder’s Pack?

You can’t have more than one license on a Pax Dei account and all your characters will have the recipes from the Founder’s Packs.

That being said, if you create a second Pax Dei account, you can buy a Founder’s pack for this second account.

Can I gift a Founder’s Pack?

Sadly, our system does not handle gifting.

Can I have a refund on the Founder’s Pack I bought on your website?

For billing issues and refund inquiries, please head to our Support site.

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

The final business model and pricing are not defined yet, but our overall approach is similar to the classic MMORPGs subscription model.

After Early Access, Pax Dei will require a one-off initial purchase, which will give access to the game and one or more plot(s) for a limited period of time. This will be followed by a recurring fee for ongoing game access, which will vary based on the number of plots a player wishes to maintain.

The Founder’s Pack you pick now doesn’t commit you to anything past Early Access. We will be transparent about our future pricing plans and provide more details as we approach the official release.

By purchasing a Founder’s Pack now:

- You get unlimited access to the game, along with the specified amount of plots, for the entire duration of Early Access (i.e., at least until June 2025).

- You are already covering the initial purchase required at full game release.

- You get character slots and exclusive recipes that you will retain permanently.

- Last but not least, you are directly supporting the project.