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Exploring Lyonesse: a sneak peek into the future of PvP

Hello Paxians,

Today, we're diving into the exciting world of Player versus Player combat (PvP) in Pax Dei. Now, before we delve into the details, let's address the elephant in the room: our current PvP gameplay is very basic, but it is a necessary stage to test some of our assumptions about potential emerging gameplays. You can consider it as the foundation on which we will build, the first step towards realizing our long-term vision.

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The protection of the Divine doesn’t extend to Lyonesse, and you can’t build a home there.  The specific appeal of this province lies elsewhere. Amongst other resources, it contains the highest density of the coveted pure iron nodes in the game world. Beware, though, for these treasures are not yours for the taking uncontested. PvP brings a whole new dynamic to the acquisition of resources, turning gathering into a thrilling competition.

Now, let's talk mechanics. Wilderness Alpha will feature only a first version, a minimum viable product if you will. When you enter Lyonesse, you are automatically flagged for PvP. When encountering another player, you should consider them as a potential enemy who can attack, beat you, and loot your entire inventory from your corpse. We have grand plans for future iterations, in particular when it comes to spell mechanics, but for now, we're eager to hear your feedback. We know you've been clamoring for PvP areas, and we're curious to see what you'll create in this sandbox approach.

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But what about balance, you ask? Should we add more resources, or would that tip the scales too much? Picture this: as a non-PvP player, you may find yourself relying on PvP enthusiasts to procure certain resources. Conversely, PvP players may need the expertise of crafters and gatherers to equip themselves for battle. It's a delicate dance of cooperation and competition, where alliances are forged and broken in the pursuit of victory.

In Lyonesse, the stakes are higher, the risks greater. It is a faster but more perilous shortcut to success. Here, PvP isn't just a skirmish—it's a full-fledged battle where every move matters. Be careful, should you fall in combat, prepare to be looted by your vanquisher.

Now, you may be wondering why Lyonesse isn't as vast as the other provinces - it’s only 4 km2 in total. Well, we felt that a smaller province would foster more intense PvP encounters. After all, who needs 100 kilometers of land when the thrill of battle awaits around every corner?

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Note, though, that this province is strategically located in between all four Heartland provinces and we can’t wait to see all the strategies you’ll put in place to raid the zone for resources or ambush other groups of players for their plunder. 

So, gather your courage and allies, sharpen your blades, and venture forth into Lyonesse. PvP awaits, and the glory of victory beckons.

Until next time, Bellum Vobiscum. The Mainframe Team.

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